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Centralizing purchasing to eliminate an average of $50k in monthly rogue spend

How CorePower Yoga eliminated all unapproved spending and reduced its AP burden with


Core Power Yoga (CPY) is one of the largest yoga chains in the US, with a network of over 200 studio locations nationwide.


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Over 200 Locations Nationwide

“ has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending.”



Stefanie Teintze works as a Facilities and Property Management Specialist at their headquarters in Denver, CO under the Operations-Facilities department. In this role, she is responsible for all things related to supplies, including procurement, vendor communication, and managing CPY’s supplies ordering platform for all 176 corporately owned studios.

The Problem

“We had no control or visibility into what was being ordered until after we got an invoice.”

DECENTRALIZED PURCHASINGPurchasing would cause the staff frequent headaches
LACK OF SPEND MANAGEMENTNo process to manage spend across its dozens of locations
UNAPPROVED SPENDINGAveraging $50k in unapproved monthly spend

Prior to COVID-19, CPY was growing at an extremely fast rate, opening on average 20 new studios a year. However, their decentralized purchasing process was causing both the Operations and Finance teams tons of headaches. Without a streamlined solution in place, Stefanie describes the “suboptimal” scenarios of the past.

Stefanie says, “we had no process or system to manage spend at all of our locations. Each location was making its own spend decisions and regularly going over budget. We had no visibility or control of spend, and invoice audits showed we were averaging close to $50k in unapproved spend monthly. To compound matters, because each location was ordering from dozens of vendors, our finance team was overwhelmed by the number of invoices they had to process resulting in late payments.’

The Solution

“We decided to move forward with [] because it was easy to use and learn.”

To support their ambitious growth plans and address issues in the purchase-to-pay process, CPY partnered with in the fall of 2019. “We decided to move forward with because it was easy to use and learn. There were also numerous customization options to fit our needs;" adds Stefanie.

CPY first started using the platform within their Facilities department for special orders and studio remodeling projects. “Soon after getting comfortable with the platform and seeing the potential for their supplies program, CPY worked with the team to build out customized controls, approvals and consolidated invoicing. Shortly after that, we were utilizing as our main supplies ordering platform for all CPY studios:" Stefanie says.

In a short amount of time, CPY was able to take a completely decentralized purchasing process that involved hundreds of purchasers and dozens of vendors and bring it all to


Average monthly spend eliminated


Annual cash savings


Line-Level Visibility

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The Outcome


Using, CPY implemented a system where instead of each individual store manager deciding what to purchase on their own, every purchase made at any CPY studio would be routed to Stefanie for approval.

“By implementing controls and approval processes, has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending, which had gotten as high as $50k per month;’ Stefanie explains.


Having the right data readily available is key to making smart decisions for any company, and Stefanie knew this was missing prior to implementing “Now that we have order visibility with, we can run reports and review analytics to better project future spend based on past and current ordering trends. This has been extremely useful for purchasing PPE throughout COVID;’ Stefanie says. Even better, through’s Strategic Sourcing, CPY is saving upwards of $11,000 per month on the products they purchase, more than they spend on the platform itself!


Time spent on AP is a real cost for any finance department. At CPY, Stefanie explains that “Because we had so many separate vendors and orders, this resulted in separate invoices which created additional work for AP.

Our AP department then had to process numerous invoices weekly, with different payment terms per vendor." With, CPY now receives one invoice from across all of their vendors, drastically reducing the burden on the finance team.


With one person overseeing the purchasing for nearly 200 locations, Stefanie knew she needed a true partner in delivering quick, accessible support. She found this in the support team. Stefanie adds, “we also utilize the support team when the occasional order issues arise, things like missing tracking or missed deliveries, and they work the issue out with the vendor directly on CPY’s behalf. Having the support team available is a huge help and saves me from having to be the single point of contact for questions and order support."

Words of Advice from Stefanie Teintze

“By implementing controls and approval processes, has allowed us to essentially eliminate all unapproved spending, which had gotten as high as $50k per month. ”

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