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Procurement Trends to Watch in 2023

If you need a word to summarize the economic mood in 2023, “pensive” comes to mind. After the drastic market fluctuations of 2020 to 2022, we enter the new year with an over 60 percent likelihood of recession, according to leading economists.  Tech giants, previously full-steam-ahead on fast hiring and generous salaries, are now engaged […]
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Unlocking Seamless Workday Procurement: Order.co and Stormloop Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Order.co is partnering with Stormloop Technologies, a specialized technology firm focusing on Workday and Adaptive Planning to harness the integration capabilities of Order.co and the Workday expertise of Stormloop. Download the free ebook: The Complete Guide to Procurement Management KPIs Why are Order.co and Stormloop partnering? Order.co is working to empower Workday customers to manage […]
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How To Pick Procure-to-Pay Software (and 5 Tools to Consider)

Better systems are the key to better results, especially when your organization is on a growth track. A robust procure-to-pay (P2P) system is one of the most beneficial ways to speed the procurement process while retaining visibility into indirect procurement spending.  But how can you be sure your procurement and purchasing processes are optimized? What […]
8 min read

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Procurement KPI Tracker Template

For a procurement team that wants to show its value, tracking procurement key performance indicators (KPIs) is the best way to have quantifiable data at its fingertips. With the right tool, teams can monitor the most essential procurement numbers, compare goals to actual, and consider year-over-year progress.  Our free download gives procurement managers an at-a-glance […]
4 min read
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Procurify vs. Order.co: Which Is Best for the Mid-Market?

Scalable procurement is an important priority for small and mid-market businesses handling an increasing flow of purchases and vendor agreements. Software enables data centralization and automation that helps these businesses run smoothly, regardless of size.  The market has more software options than ever for managing procurement, and Procurify is a prominent brand within the space. […]
10 min read
Resource Management: Why It's Important and How to Optimize with Order
Blog Finance

Resource Management: Why It's Important and How to Optimize With Order.co

Planning out the minute details of a project paints the most accurate path to completing it on time and within scope and budget. Estimating your human capital, supply chain, and monetary needs is vital to that planning. Milestones, spreadsheets, and delivery deadlines mean nothing unless you have the people, inventory, and funds needed to perform.  […]
10 min read
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The Complete Guide to Indirect Procurement Categories

Indirect procurement spending has a sneaky way of sapping cash from even the most well-run businesses. That’s understandable since indirect spending isn’t tied to a specific client, product, or project, so it’s harder for procurement professionals to track. However, correctly managing indirect spend has significant benefits for all organizations — they just need the right […]
9 min read
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