FROM CHAOS TO CLARITY, IN ORDER Helps Cannabis Businesses Spend Efficiently

Unlock cash flow with net terms, 15,000+ reliable vendors, and automated purchasing, so your team can focus on growing your business (and your plants).

Growing a cannabis business comes
with its own unique set of challenges

Industry bias

Vendors are hesitant to partner with a cannabis company

Financial limitations

No access to standard net term payment agreements or credit

Invoice overload

Hundreds of monthly invoices with manual payment processes

Unique challenges call for modern solutions

Replace manual and outdated systems, and focus on what really matters—growing your business.

Improve cash flow with flexible payment agreements and cash back rewards

Access a reliable network of 15,000+ vendors – without the traditional bias of working with cannabis companies

Consolidate and automate your catalogs to make ordering and expansion more efficient

Reduce manual AP processes for all purchases and recurring payments, like software subscriptions and services

Manage one weekly or monthly invoice, not hundreds


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The traditional purchase-to-pay process is broken

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