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Optimize your spend
management system

Order.co streamlines your purchasing and payment workflows,
while providing complete control over your spend.

  • Procurement efficiency

    Easily create, track, and manage POs in one central location, with AI-enhanced sourcing and vendor management features.

  • Payment automation

    Close books faster by consolidating all vendor payments down to one monthly Order.co invoice and automating expense coding.

  • Financial controls

    Control spending with custom approval workflows and live budgets assigned to users, locations, cost centers and more.

  • Analytics and reporting

    View spend in real-time with granular data to understand  trends across your organization and discover saving opportunities.

Hundreds of businesses save time
and money with Order.co

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annual savings on products

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monthly rogue spend eliminated

All the tools for efficient
spend management

custom controlled product catalog for purchasing compliance in spend management software

Controlled catalog

Create a catalog of products designed specifically for each user, location, department, and more, for greater control over every purchase.

  • Ensure purchases meet brand standards
  • Encourage ordering from preferred vendors
customizable budgets in spend management software


Set customizable budgets to provide immediate real-time insights into financial health and adherence to spending plans.

  • Prioritize spending based on organizational goals
  • Prevent overspending in specific categories or departments
customizable approval rules in spend management software

Approval rules

Build custom approval workflows for control over every dollar spent. And, improve purchasing turnaround time with automatic order placement upon approval.

  • Keep purchases on track with centralized approvals
  • Easily edit each line item within purchase requests
audit trails in spend management software

Audit trails

Maintain a detailed and secure trail of all spending activities, including transaction histories, user activities, approvals and rejections, and others.

  • Investigate discrepancies and establish accountability
  • Promote a culture of purchasing compliance
detailed spend analysis and insights in spend management software

Spend analysis

Examine spending patterns to identify cost-saving opportunities, evaluate supplier performance, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

  • Align spending with organizational priorities
  • Foster continuous procurement improvements

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Frequently asked questions

Spend management software helps businesses categorize, quantify, and analyze sourcing and procurement data across your organization. Moreover, it allows finance, operations, and procurement teams to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and plan more effectively.

In addition to gaining clarity into your spend, a spend management platform also improves the overall procurement function to reduce costs and source savings. When a strategic spend management system is properly implemented, businesses will experience many benefits, including:
  • A simplified purchasing process, with streamlined order requests and faster order processing.
  • Preferred vendor sourcing for more efficient vendor evaluations and negotiations.
  • Better supplier management that clears busywork off your team’s plate and gives your team more time to tackle larger, impactful procurement initiatives.
  • Improved inventory management to reduce issues like last-minute purchase requests and operational delays.

Spend management is the process of categorizing, quantifying, sourcing, and analyzing procurement data across your organization with the goals of reducing waste, improving efficiency, and forecasting & budgeting more effectively. Expense management focuses on controlling employee expenses and ensuring compliance with policy.

Spend management is the process of establishing guidelines and guardrails for spending at your business, like where and how buyers make small purchases, who is authorized to complete and submit purchase orders, and what approval processes are needed based on dollar value, department, etc.

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