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Leverage your payments as a strategy for growth. Free up cashflow and hours in your day spent on accounts payable with Order.co.

Order.co makes paying your vendors easy, quick, and convenient


Pay one bill per month

Significantly reduce the time you spend on accounts payable and pay for every purchase placed via your custom catalog and all recurring payments on one monthly bill.


Access extended payment terms

Make the best purchasing decisions—free of cash flow constraints—by leveraging extended net terms through Order.co like Weekly Net-45 or Monthly Net-60.


Achieve a 3-way match

Ensure the accuracy of every payment. Confirm that a product was ordered, received, and invoiced, so you can easily complete a 3-way match instead of spending hours on invoice reconciliation.


Automate your invoice coding

Eliminate manual data entry errors and speed up invoice processing times by automatically pre-coding your invoices. Every Order.co invoice contains perfectly-coded, granular spend data.


Share spend data seamlessly

Close books faster and save countless hours getting accurate data into your accounting system. Keep your books up-to-date on all of your Order.co transactions via API integrations or data exports.

Ready to cut AP costs?

One bill, many benefits

Pay all your vendors on time, every time

Avoid late payment fees and improve vendor relationships

Understand your spend in seconds

Never wonder about how much you’re spending or where money went

Stay audit-ready and organized

Eliminate spreadsheets for tracking spend and managing receipts

Focus on strategy
and growth

Don’t get caught up in hours of invoice processing

Experience the ease and
clarity of one bill

Maximize purchasing visibility with all of your monthly payments on a single bill,
broken down by user, location, line item, and more.

Department Spend
Support (394) $4,285.88
Sales (567) $2,090.46
Operations (887) $1,472.20
Tech (984) $3,267.43
Executive (999) $2,137.96

GL Spend
Store Maintenance (5345) $831.01
Furniture/Equipment (5392) $237.91
Office Supplies (5421) $30.44
Marketing Materials (5423) $173.96
IT-Hardware/Small Equip (5414) $19.32
Packaging Materials (5443) $309.21

Line Item GL Quantity Price Extended Price
Coffee-Mate Original Creamer 180ct 4403 - Canteen Costs 1 $10.29 $10.29
EXPO Magnetic Dry Erase Marker, Black, 4/PK 4404 - Stationary Costs 4 $7.45 $29.80
55-60 Gal. Trash Bags,1.3 Mil, Clear, 20 Bags/Roll, 5 Rolls 4204 - Store Maintenance 3 $65.00 $195.00
Softsoap Antibacterial Hand Soap, 11.25 oz., 6/Cas 4404 - Stationary Costs 1 $23.35 $23.35
Velvet Hangers - Suit, 10/PK 4503 - Packaging Materials 10 $10.41 $104.10

Locations Spend
000 - New York City $4,805.49
001 - Austin $637.01
002 - San Diego $303.44
003 - Las Vegas $2,473.96
004 - Buffalo $1,009.32

Product Category Spend
Bathroom & Cleaning Supplies $398.11
Food & Kitchen Supplies $902.34
Miscellaneous $73.03
Office Supplies $332.41
Repairs and Maintenance $1004.83

Purchaser Spend
Amy $847.91
Allison $1,931.07
Eric $61.94
Tom $2,002.42
Zach $852.65

Frequently asked questions

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You can pay one invoice a month with Order.co by making Order.co your vendor of record. Order.co will pay your vendors on your behalf and then issue you one invoice that covers all of your purchases for that month.

Our recommended payment method is ACH payment directly within your account. Alternative payment methods include payment processing sites and credit cards. Regarding payment terms, Order.co can extend the standard net terms to provide you with more flexibility. Learn more about your payment options and net terms with Order.co and schedule a call with our team.

All your buying activity in Order.co is converted to downloadable reports that are uploaded to an accounting system. Accounting professionals like Shannon at Integrated Wellness Partners use these pre-packaged, up-to-date spend reports to save hours on reconciliation each month.