Is Your Coworking Business Spending Efficiently?

Streamline purchasing and approvals, minimize rogue spend, and unlock cash flow with net terms, so your team can focus on growing your community.

Growing a coworking community comes
with its own unique set of challenges


Hours spent sourcing, ordering, and tracking shipments across locations

Rogue spend

Off-catalog and unapproved purchasing, amplified across multiple locations

Invoice overload

Hundreds of monthly invoices with manual payment processes

Unique challenges call for modern solutions

Replace manual and outdated systems, and focus on what really matters—growing your business and your community.

Consolidate and automate your catalogs to make ordering and expansion more efficient

Reduce manual AP processes for all purchases and recurring payments, like software subscriptions and services

Manage one weekly or monthly invoice, not hundreds

Improve cash flow with flexible payment agreements and cash back rewards

Save time to focus on what really matters: growing your community


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WeWork automates AP and enhances Workday Procurement

Upon joining WeWork in 2017, Kyle’s main focus was to stabilize its finance team during the company’s period of major growth. Today, Kyle acts as the liaison between the finance and the procurement teams—identifying opportunities for cost savings and prioritizing the efficiency of WeWork’s AP and procurement processes. The problem Invoice overload: Over a million […]
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customer story — Coworking

BLANKSPACES brings order and efficiency to purchasing chaos

Elizabeth Nowlin, Facilities Manager, is in charge of staff management, delegation, and managing supplies purchasing for office materials, decorations, facilities, and more. The problem Unscalable purchasing: Location expansions added chaos to an already messy purchasing process No standardization: Every location had different purchasing tools and needs Difficulty tracking orders: Unable to seamlessly get the right […]
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customer story — Coworking

The Yard adopts a seamless purchasing process

Benjamin Miller-Jones, Operations Manager, manages ordering across the east coast. The problem Vendor disorder: Ordering from multiple vendors made purchasing overly complicated Difficulty budgeting: Unconsolidated ordering also presented challenges with budgeting Lack of spend visibility: Financial reports were cumbersome and delayed With 14 locations spread across four different cities, The Yard requires purchasing from ten […]
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Understanding eProcurement and Why It's Beneficial

E-procurement takes the power of a robust procurement process and removes the effort of manual administration—giving back time and improving capital efficiency.
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The traditional purchase-to-pay process is broken

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