Procurement Software to Simplify Purchasing for Your Business

Modernize your procurement system with software that reduces manual procurement tasks, saves money on purchasing, simplifies procure-to-pay processes, and gives you complete control over your spend.

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Everything you need in a modern procurement system

  • Save on Purchasing Costs

    Access exclusive supplier discounts and AI-powered sourcing technology to save an average of 5% on purchases.

  • Avoid Procurement Risk

    Avoid supply chain disruptions with's 17K+ vendor network. When your preferred vendor is out of stock, we’ll find an alternative.

  • Customize Your Workflow

    Purchase from your custom catalog, create approval workflows, integrate with business systems, and pay on flexible terms with your preferred method.

  • Forecast with Confidence

    Access real-time spend data by user, location, cost center, or vendor for easier budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.

  • Fast Time to Value

    With a dedicated implementation consultant to configure your account, you’ll start saving time and money in as little as 10 days.

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Improve your procurement system with tools your team will love

po automation in procurement software

Purchase Order Automation automatically sends your approved purchase requests straight to your vendor. After an order is placed, track the status of all vendor shipments —from approval to fulfillment to delivery — in one location.

control spend with approvals and budgets in procurement software

Spend Controls

Eliminate rogue spending with a controlled product catalog, approval workflows, and budgets.

strategic sourcing substitutions in procurement software

Strategic Sourcing

For any products you select, AI technology can identify the best pricing across our vendor network for an average saving of 5%.

add all your vendors into your custom catalog in procurement software

Simplified Supplier Management

Managing all of your vendors has never been easier. Automatically create and send POs to vendors and keep track of payments.

consolidated bill for all vendors in procurement software

Invoice Automation

Close books faster with one monthly invoice for all purchases and automate payments, GL coding, and 3-way matching. And, seamlessly integrate with your accounting system.

detailed spend analytics and customized reporting in procurement software

Procurement Spend Analysis

Gain 100% spend visibility with real-time reporting, broken down by user, vendor, location, and more. Plus, identify areas for cost savings.

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Features Procurement Software
PO Management
Approval Workflows
Spend Analysis
Supplier Management
Integrations & Exports
Strategic Sourcing
Spend Controls
Catalog Management
Invoice Automation
Order Automation
Net Payment Terms
Product Savings

Frequently asked questions

Companies looking to reduce costs and strategically grow their business will not simply purchase the items that they need, but procure them. Procurement is the process of sourcing and securing products, while creating controls that protect against cost inefficiencies and risk. Procurement software allows businesses to electronically source products, approve purchase requests, place and manage orders from a variety of vendors, and pay vendors — streamlining the entire procure-to-pay process.

Procure-to-Pay software centralizes and automates the entire purchasing workflow, from selecting an item to purchase to submitting a payment to a vendor. Software users can access a catalog of items that were pre-approved by management. Then, they can request and place orders, all the while staying within their budgets, which are easily accessible and updated in real time. Procure-to-Pay software eliminates the manual PO, approval, and payment process, significantly decreasing time spent on invoice reconciliation.

The benefits of implementing an e-Procurement software include:
  1. Cost savings: e-Procurement software protects the bottom line since you’ll be partnering with pre-approved vendors with negotiated terms.
  2. Fewer manual errors: With automatic purchasing and payments workflows, there is less room for manual error, decreasing the likelihood of duplicate orders, missed payments, and duplicate payments.
  3. Eliminated unapproved spending: When orders are able to be placed faster and with a streamlined approval process, buyers to get what they need quickly — eliminating unapproved purchases or orders placed off-catalog.
  4. Spend analysis and reporting: You can easily generate spending reports and conduct a wide range of spend analyses, since all of your purchasing and payment data is in one place. With better data visualization, businesses can forecast, plan, and budget more effectively.

There are many procurement software solutions on the market, each with distinct strengths and drawbacks. The best procurement software can:
  1. Power strategic sourcing and better supplier relationships
  2. Identify cost savings and increase profitability
  3. Reduce risk of supply chain disruption and help with managing inventory
  4. Automate cumbersome contract management processes
  5. Introduce procurement teams to process improvements that they can implement
Look at this data on some of the best procurement solutions out there for growing organizations, based on rating from G2, a trusted software marketplace.

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