Single Sign-On Integrations

Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency With SSO

Empower your team, save time, and enhance security with’s Single Sign-On integrations.


The benefits of SSO with

  • Enhanced security

    Enable employee access to via SSO, reinforcing security for financial transactions and safeguarding sensitive information.

  • Easy de-permissioning

    Efficiently manage user access by revoking access via your Identity Service Provider, preventing entry to all relevant software and boosting control.

  • Better user experience

    No need for users to remember multiple logins and passwords. SSO provides a quick and easy way for users to access


A seamless and easy set-up

Enabling single sign-on for is as easy as adding a new application to your Identity Service Provider and sharing a few key details with us. Once complete, users will be able to access via SSO in a matter of seconds.

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Using an alternative identity service provider?

If you're not using the IdPs listed above and wish to harness the convenience and security of SSO with, we're here to help. Connect with us today to discuss if a tailored solution could be right for your business.

Enhance security, compliance, and user experience with's Single Sign-On integrations