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Improve AP efficiency and accuracy with accounts payable automation software that eliminates manual payments, expense coding, 3-way matching, reporting, and more.

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Modernize your AP process

Transform your accounts payable workflow with AP automation software,
and gain unparalleled savings for your finance team.

Save hours every month on AP

Access spend data in 
real time

Enhance relationships 
with suppliers

Centralize your invoice management

Reduce manual data entry errors

Mitigate the risk of 

Streamline approval workflows

Unlock financing and payment terms

How it works

consolidated billing for vendor payments in vendor management software

Consolidated billing

Order.co pays all your vendors with their preferred payment methods, so you pay 1 consolidated bill per month for all purchases — with extended payment terms.

  • Alleviate AP burden with invoice consolidation
  • View granular spend data before you pay

Virtual Cards

Reduce AP costs and reconciliation time by paying for professional services, software subscriptions, marketing expenses, and more with Order.co’s virtual cards.

  • Apply budgets and monitor spend in real time
  • Eliminate the need to collect receipts
3 way matching automation in ap automation software

3-way matching

Easily verify that everything you purchased was delivered correctly, and prevent fraudulent invoices, discrepancies, and errors when remitting payment.

  • Ensure the accuracy of every payment
  • Avoid slowdowns in payment processing
automatic gl coding in ap automation software

GL coding

Automatically categorize transactions based on predefined rules to close books faster and save hours every month on AP.

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Track and analyze transactions faster
automatic payments in ap automation software

Automatic payments

Reduce administrative tasks associated with managing payments, freeing up time for other strategic initiatives.

  • Avoid late payment penalties or service disruptions
  • Make it easier to plan and track expenses
audit trails in spend management software

Audit trails

Maintain a detailed and secure trail of all spending activities, including transaction histories, user activities, approvals and rejections, and others.

  • Investigate discrepancies and establish accountability
  • Promote a culture of purchasing compliance

Wasting time managing invoices?

See how Order.co’s AP automation solution eliminates manual invoice processing and expense coding.
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accounting integrations in ap automation software


Whether your business operates as a single entity or multiple entities, invoices and pre-coded transactions seamlessly connects to your ERP or accounting systems via API integrations or data export.

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Frequently asked questions

Accounts Payable automation software eliminates the manual tasks involved in the invoice management and electronic payments processes, like data entry, physical document management, payment processing, reconciliation, and coding that take hours to perform. Several AP automation systems also integrate with other business and accounting systems, like QuickBooks.

The general benefits of accounts payable automation software include cost savings, increased productivity, and improved spend visibility. Most importantly, automated accounts payable systems enable finance team to spend more time on strategy and making critical business decisions and less time on data entry, invoice reconciliation, and chasing down receipts. You can see a comprehensive list of the benefits of automated AP solutions, here.

Common features of automated accounts payable software include automated bill payments, reporting & analytics, accounting integrations, 3-way matching, custom approval workflows, and audit trails.

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