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Manage all suppliers in one place, control costs, and minimize risks with’s vendor management software.

procurement team managing vendor relationships with vendor management software

Take vendor management
to the next level

  • Centralization

    With one platform to manage all vendors, streamline communication, procurement tasks, and spend controls for all your vendors.

  • Efficiency

    Automate procurement processes, including requisitions, approvals, order fulfillment, and payments, to decrease manual tasks and cycle times.

  • Visibility

    Take control over your vendor relationships with quick access real-time purchasing and spend data, savings insights, vendor performance, and more.  

  • Customization

    From product catalogs to budgets, approval workflows, and integrations, is highly customizable to your organization’s needs.

Key features of optimized vendor management systems

onboarding vendors into your vendor management software

Vendor onboarding

Seamlessly onboard vendors leveraging’s automated catalog creation and expert implementation team for a quick and easy setup.

  • Minimal time and effort to add vendors
  • Scale your vendor network without sacrificing efficiency
expert contract negotiation in vendor management software

Contract negotiation

Secure better pricing or terms for high ticket vendors and products with hands on support from our Vendor Partnerships team.

  • Eliminate lengthy contract negotiations
  • Optimize your vendor selection
vendor performance management with detailed reports in your vendor management software

Vendor performance management

Gain complete vendor visibility and measure KPIs for improved supplier relationships, operational efficiency and mitigated risks in reliability, delivery timelines, and more.

  • Access real-time data on all vendors
  • Ensure vendor performance meets or exceeds expectations
seamless product substitutions to imrpove vendor risk management

Vendor risk management

Boost supply chain resilience and optimize vendor selection with's sourcing AI technology that identifies the optimal vendor for each purchase.

  • Proactively prevent business disruption
  • Access 15k+ vendors to meet all fulfillment needs
procurement automation within vendor management software

Procurement automation

Optimize your vendor management with procurement automation features, such as automated requisitions, order fulfillment, tracking, and reporting.

  • Shorten your purchasing cycle time
  • Improve order accuracy and vendor communication
consolidated billing for vendor payments in vendor management software

Vendor payments

Simplify vendor payments with’s consolidated bill. Pay 1 bill per month for all purchases, while every vendor receives timely payments for each individual order.

  • Automate payments and bookkeeping
  • Unlock universal net terms for all vendors

Vendor management should be manageable. With, it is.

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Frequently asked questions

Vendor management software helps businesses select the right vendors, control costs, mitigate vendor risks, ensure order delivery and pay suppliers.

Businesses use a vendor management system to organize and centralize vendor data, improve communication with vendors, and eliminate manual purchasing tasks.

Using a vendor management system, businesses reap substantial benefits:
  • Reducing spending on materials, goods, and services
  • Consolidating suppliers into a preferred program
  • Tracking reorder and renewal information
  • Improving supplier compliance rates
  • Streamlining the procurement strategy and process
  • Automating the accounts payable (AP) process
  • Improving decision-making through better data visibility

Vendor management systems support procurement teams through the entire purchasing process by improving communication with vendors, centralizing data, and eliminating manual purchasing tasks.

When done effectively, vendor management follows a predictable pattern of selection, negotiation, contractual agreement, performance measurement, and renewal or offboarding.

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