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Introducing a seamless purchasing process to a popular co-working company

How The Yard gained complete control over its spend and expedited its purchasing with


The Yard is a popular co-working company with locations in NYC, Philadelphia, DC, and Boston that allows driven professionals to work together in an innovative community.




14 Locations

" is the easiest way to streamline the entire vendor purchasing and negotiating process into one system."



Benjamin Miller-Jones, Operations Manager, manages ordering across the east coast.

The Problem

“It took a long time to see and report across all of our of spend.”

VENDOR DISORDEROrdering from multiple vendors made purchasing overly complicated
DIFFICULTY BUDGETINGUnconsolidated ordering also presented challenges with budgeting
LACK OF SPEND VISIBILITYFinancial reports were cumbersome and delayed

With 14 locations spread across four different cities, The Yard requires purchasing from ten vendors to adequately cover all the supplies needed. This creates a strenuous task of tracking, budgeting, and maintaining consistency between suppliers. Benjamin recounts, "It became very tedious to keep track of everything – it took a long time to see and report across all of our spend."



"It is incredibly user-friendly."

The Yard needed a better way to expedite and streamline their purchasing process and easily balance budgets between locations and across vendors, so they partnered with in the fall of 2017.

The Yard began its experience with by connecting each vendor account to the platform, allowing for products from Amazon, Webstaurant, WB Mason, and their other seven vendors to be imported automatically into their catalog.

"It is incredibly user-friendly," Ben says, "Being able to link our previous third-party vendor accounts and then having all of those products already available for us made for a very smooth transition. Community managers just had to be directed to order from the cart on the Order platform instead of each vendor." presented The Yard’s employees with a simple and efficient way to manage their purchasing.


Line-level spend visibility


Vendors automated


Invoice consolidation




Benjamin and his team found it easy to maintain the approved catalog, finding products needed from any vendor and then simply adding the URL to to import and automatically negotiate. "It is so easy to go to a third party like Amazon, do the research on a product that you need by looking at things like customer reviews, and then just copy the URL into so it can be purchased and tracked in one system. It takes seconds."

SPEND MANAGED’s centralization made spend immediately visible, Benjamin says; "It's so easy to keep track.”

The Yard implemented budgets for their locations and cost centers to gain complete control: "Assigning individual budgets to the cost centers through has been a huge improvement and has kept us on budget. Our reporting is much easier as well."

Ben summarizes: " is the easiest way to streamline the entire vendor purchasing and negotiating process into one system."

Words of Advice from BEN

“A major benefit is the efficiency of not having to track down different purchases through different vendors.”

Simplify today so you can anticipate tomorrow.