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Make purchase order creation, tracking, and management a breeze with automatic PO generation, custom approval workflows, order tracking, 3-way matching, and real-time spend visibility.

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Give your team a faster, easier purchase order system

  • Automatic PO generation

    Remove manual errors by automatically creating a purchase order from approved purchase requests.

  • Rule-based approvals

    Place purchases faster and increase spend oversight with custom approval workflows. No more order requests lost in your inbox or spreadsheets.

  • Budgets & reporting

    Proactively control your organization’s spend with spend insights by user, location, cost center or vendor with real-time budgets and reporting.

  • Order tracking

    Manage your inventory and stay up-to-date on your orders by tracking your purchase order statuses through the entire purchasing lifecycle, from approval to fulfillment to delivery.

  • Audit trails

    Quickly access information from every order in a secure, centralized, and filterable location and review the purchase approval history at any time.

Creating, tracking, and managing purchase orders should be easy. With, it is.

Purchase with purpose & see into your spend

Stop wasting time with a complex purchasing process. makes it easy to create, approve, issue, track, and pay for all of your purchase orders in one place.

How does compare to traditional Purchase Order Software?

Features PO Software
Automatic PO Generation
Approval Workflows
Budgets & Reporting
Order Tracking
Audit Trails
Vendor Management
Spend Management
AP Automation
3-Way Matching
Accounting Integrations
Net Payment Terms
Product Savings

Frequently asked questions

Purchase order software (PO software) helps businesses easily generate POs, develop a streamlined and efficient approval process, track order statuses and stay up to date on delivery estimates, and improve supplier management—without ever needing another spreadsheet.

The goal of a purchase order system (po system) is to create and execute an order seamlessly. The PO process begins when a buyer creates a purchase order request. Once the request is approved, the order is submitted to the supplier. The supplier will fulfill the order and send the buyer an invoice. The process is complete once the buyer pays the supplier. Purchase order systems will automate several steps in that process to expedite the buying process, add more controls, and increase spend visibility.

There are several best practices for automating your purchase order management system.
  1. Automated approvals allow you to automatically route purchase requests to the right people and avoid bottlenecks in the approval process.
  2. PO software enables real-time order tracking, which can improve delivery outcomes and aid in inventory management.
  3. Data centralization is key to automated PO systems. No need to dig through paperwork in search of order, supplier, and payment information.
  4. Reporting is another major piece of an automated order system, giving your team the quick access to spend, order, and vendor insights.

Purchase order systems (PO systems) are beneficial because they help businesses save time and money on purchasing and gain clarity about their spending habits. More specifically, the main benefits of implementing a PO system include:
  • Easily tracking the status of your orders — from approval to processing to delivery
  • Avoiding challenges with audits because all of your orders and invoices are in one central location
  • Speeding up the purchasing process with automatically generated POs and faster approvals
  • Controlling and track spending in real-time
  • Decreasing manual errors like duplicate payments or duplicate orders
  • Paying your vendors on time without having to cut checks or chase signatures

The key features of a purchase order platform include: automatic PO generation, rule-based approvals, budgets & reporting, order tracking, and creating audit trails.

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