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purchase requisition in po automation software

Purchase requisition

Requisitions have never been easier. Shop from your product catalog and purchase requisition data will automatically populate for easy approval.

  • Save time on purchasing
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Boost compliance with requisition automation
customized purchase approval in po automation software

Purchase approval

Create customized purchase approval workflows that suit your unique business needs by user, location, cost center, vendor, order subtotal and more.

  • Control spending and improve visibility
  • Manage all purchase approvals in one place
  • Easily accept, reject, or edit at the line-item level
automatic purchase order generation in po automation software

PO generation

PO automation transforms approved purchase requests into POs, automatically sending them to suppliers via phone calls, emails, or ecommerce sites.

  • Prevent delays in the procurement cycle
  • Free up more time for strategic initiatives
  • Enhance supplier relations with timely communication 
recurring order schedules in po automation software

Recurring orders

Set up recurring orders for products you frequently purchase, schedule orders ahead of time, and create product lists for easy reordering.

  • Manage inventory levels effectively
  • Reduce administrative workload for reordering
  • Find the products you need faster
order tracking in po automation software

Order tracking

Stay up-to-date on your orders by tracking their statuses — from approval to fulfillment to delivery — in one location.

  • Keep your procurement process on track
  • Stay ahead of potential risks or delays
  • One order tracking system for all vendors
3 way matching automation in ap automation software

3-way matching

Ensure the accuracy of every payment and alleviate tedious, manual invoice reconciliation with automated 2- and 3-way matching.

  • Safeguard your accounts payable
  • Avoid costly double payments
  • Save time on manual AP tasks

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Frequently asked questions

A purchase order (PO) is a legal document between a buyer and a seller to purchase specific quantities and qualities of goods and services. The PO process begins when a buyer creates a purchase order request. Once the request is approved, the order is submitted to the supplier. The supplier will fulfill the order and send the buyer an invoice. The process is complete once the buyer pays the supplier. Purchase order systems will automate several steps in that process to expedite the buying process, add more controls, and increase spend visibility.

While most people think of a PO as being a single document, in reality there are several types of purchase order used for specific purposes. These are the four types of purchase order every stakeholder should know:
  • 1. Regular POs are the most common type, detailing the specific terms and conditions of a single transaction.
  • 2. A planned PO outlines the terms and conditions of a transaction between a buyer and seller when the buyer is uncertain of specifics, like delivery time or place.
  • 3. Contract POs are submitted when a buyer does not have a specific item to purchase but they know they will purchase from a specific vendor in the contract term.
  • 4. A blanket PO, also known as a standing purchase order, is a binding contract to continuously purchase goods and services over a specified time frame, usually at predetermined prices.

Creating a purchase order should be a documented, repeatable process. This ensures the PO is accurate and complete each time. Most purchase orders use a template to ensure all order information is complete and accurate. Use the following information to build a template for your purchase orders:
  • Header: Contains buyer information
  • Vendor information
  • Purchase order information: helps with tracking status of order, and tying payment to invoice and requisition
  • Order details: includes line items with specific product details, including price, quantity, discount and shipping/tracking information
  • Payment details: includes payment terms and conditions, as well as any needed payment information to complete transaction

PO automation is the process of automating the entire procurement process from requisition to payment using an automated platform. An automated purchase order management system enables:
  • Automated approvals to automatically route purchase requests to the right people and avoid bottlenecks in the approval process.
  • Real-time order tracking, improving delivery outcomes and aiding inventory management.
  • Centralized data, removing need for digging through separate systems and vendor logins to search for order, supplier or payment information.
  • Quick access to real-time spend, order and vendor insights.

Purchase order software (PO software) helps businesses easily generate POs, develop a streamlined and efficient approval process, track order statuses and stay up to date on delivery estimates, and improve supplier management—without ever needing another spreadsheet.

Purchase order systems (PO systems) are beneficial because they help businesses save time and money on purchasing and gain clarity about their spending habits. More specifically, the main benefits of implementing a PO system include:
  • Easily tracking the status of your orders — from approval to processing to delivery
  • Avoiding challenges with audits because all of your orders and invoices are in one central location
  • Speeding up the purchasing process with automatically generated POs and faster approvals
  • Controlling and track spending in real-time
  • Decreasing manual errors like duplicate payments or duplicate orders
  • Paying your vendors on time without having to cut checks or chase signatures

The right PO software will help you build an easy approval process, track purchase progress, stay up to date on delivery estimates, and improve supplier management—without ever needing another spreadsheet. is a top purchase order software because you can streamline your entire purchasing process in one central system. With a few clicks, users can generate a single purchase request across multiple vendors, get the necessary approvals, and auto-submit their POs to the vendors electronically. Received goods are easily tied back to the PO and invoice data, saving hours of manual reconciliation. Manage vendor performance, gain granular visibility and insights into spend and simplify AP with accounting integrations.

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