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The In-Depth Guide to Better Purchase Order Processing

Organization is the antidote to purchasing chaos and budget overruns, but building an orderly procurement process doesn’t happen overnight. If your accounting department is under a constant time crunch and your stakeholders spend time following up on needed supply orders, it’s time to build a better procurement process. When it comes to improving the procurement […]
10 min read
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The Quick Guide to Better Hospitality Procurement

Hospitality sector and service-based businesses are fast-paced, high-volume operations with historically tight profit margins. To succeed in a hospitality business, owners and finance teams must closely monitor the bottom line. Procurement is one of the primary areas where businesses can realize savings and optimize operations.  Today we’ll share information buyers need to know when purchasing […]
6 min read
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Retail Procurement Management Guide for 2023

Procurement in the retail sector presents a complex, multifaceted challenge. On one front, retailers rely on a constant flow of competitively priced goods and just-in-time delivery options. On the other, they must provide a consistent, quality experience to customers. Thus retailers spend ample time sourcing items to delight shoppers while keeping profit margins and speedy […]
7 min read
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The Complete Guide to Vendor Sourcing

Every procurement team has favorite vendors — the suppliers that always go the extra mile, give consistently competitive pricing, and make the purchasing process easier. Finding those vendors isn’t a matter of chance. These relationships are the result of careful selection, good communication, and continued partnership.  Looking for vendors to fulfill procurement needs can be […]
11 min read
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What Is Healthcare Procurement Strategy and Why Is It Important?

When buying medical supplies and equipment, many healthcare providers rely on standard means of consolidated buying. Methods like group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and volume buying agreements may save a little money, but they often leave total value considerations and sourcing flexibility on the table. Software solutions in healthcare procurement make it easier for buyers to […]
8 min read
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10 Healthcare Procurement Solutions for Challenges Facing Teams in 2023

For decades, healthcare providers like clinics and hospitals have struggled with ineffective and expensive procurement barriers that can drive up patient costs and affect healthcare outcomes. Healthcare procurement faces specific challenges that, until recently, have been almost universally answered by group purchasing organizations (GPOs).  These purchasing programs offer some benefits in cost savings, contract management, […]
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