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How Cozen O’Connor found an unparalleled partner for strategic sourcing and accessed granular financial data with


With over 400 employees across 29 global offices, Cozen O’Connor is a full-service law firm with nationally recognized practices in litigation, business law, and government relations. A decision was made three years ago to choose a major big-box retailer as the primary office supply vendor despite the high retail markups and minimal reporting capabilities.


Professional services


29 Locations

"’s analytics are tremendous."



Ellsworth Baptiste is the National Operations Manager at Cozen O’Connor. In this role, he is responsible for managing the operations and purchasing across all their offices.

The Problem

Lack of spend visibilityDifficulty organizing spend data and generating actionable insights
No buying powerReliant on one vendor - no leverage in contract negotiations
Decentralized purchasing processLack of a consistent purchasing process across 29 global offices

Without the ability to consolidate, organize, or filter historical purchasing data, there was no easy way for Cozen to understand spend per product, location, or category. Furthermore, relying on one vendor for all purchasing led to a significant information and buying-power disadvantage. Cozen was faced with renewing a contract at a higher rate than they previously paid, without the tools and data to effectively re-negotiate.

The Solution

With the goal of gaining more visibility into their spend and finding a cost-effective purchasing partner, in 2016 Cozen O’Connor chose as their trusted purchasing and payment solution.


Line-level spend visibility and compliance


Yearly strategic sourcing savings




It took less than 24 hours for the platform to identify over 10% in cost reduction opportunities without the need to replace preferred products or brands. “Nationally, we’re saving upwards of $5-6k per month just on products. The platform lets you save a lot of money," Ellsworth recalls, "We’re still buying what we were before, just at a discount.”


Granular reporting and data became available at any time in the dashboard. Managers were able to see spend by location, vendor, and product, and were easily able to make purchasing decisions. "’s analytics are tremendous," Ellsworth Baptiste, National Operations Manager, recalls, "We couldn’t get anything nearly as granular from our vendors. The reporting on the data can be as granular as you want... by location, practice group, or category. It offers much more data than any vendor.” helped automate budgeting and reporting, reduced paper consumption, and promoted company-wide transparency. With lower manual data entry risk, managers could accurately understand exactly what was bought, who approved it, and when the invoice was paid with just a few clicks.

Words of Advice from ELLSWORTH

“It always comes down to the people. Order has a great team. The responsiveness, courteousness and friendliness of their customer service is not something you come across often these days.”

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