Unlocking Seamless Workday Procurement: Order.co and Stormloop Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

Optimize Workday procurement, streamline processes, boost efficiency, and cut costs with Order.co and Stormloop's partnership.
Written by:  Nikki Blank
Last Updated:  March 26, 2024

Order.co is partnering with Stormloop Technologies, a specialized technology firm focusing on Workday and Adaptive Planning to harness the integration capabilities of Order.co and the Workday expertise of Stormloop.

Why are Order.co and Stormloop partnering?

Order.co is working to empower Workday customers to manage their entire purchase-to-pay process seamlessly within the Workday platform. This strategic partnership with Stormloop aligns with Order.co's commitment to enhancing the Workday Procurement experience through integration with cutting-edge partners within the Workday community. The ultimate goal is to deliver advanced solutions to Workday customers, streamlining and optimizing their procurement processes for improved efficiency and user-friendliness.

“Stormloop Technologies is a natural partnership fit for Order.co as we share in our mission to simplify the buying process for businesses. With our new and growing product capabilities that enhance purchasing inside of ERPs, Stormloop’s expertise in Workday configuration can significantly help businesses realize the savings an Order.co integration generates,” says Eric Hann, Order.co VP of Marketing.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

Making Workday Customers' Lives Easier:

The collaboration focuses on streamlining the Workday procurement process for Financials customers. By keeping all purchasing activities within the Workday environment, users can enjoy a simplified experience. This includes managing catalogs and punchouts more efficiently and providing an automated solution that adapts to evolving purchasing needs.

Improved Procurement Efficiency:

Through the Order.co integration, Workday customers can automate various processes, including reconciliation, fulfillment, and procurement operations, all while leveraging configured Workday business processes.

Procurement Health Checks:

Stormloop Technologies introduces a unique technical health checks process. This helps Workday customers assess deployment efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and evaluate how Order.co can enhance their Workday procurement processes.

Reduced Costs:

The alliance between Order.co and Stormloop Technologies is dedicated to reducing procurement costs for Workday customers. By aligning Order.co's commitment to simplifying business processes with Stormloop's mission to empower client success through efficient solutions, the partnership aims to achieve significant cost savings.

Lynea Long, Workday Financials Practice Lead at Stormloop, emphasized the mission shared by both companies. "Order.co transforms the Workday procurement experience, providing an automated solution to adapt to a company's evolving purchasing needs," she noted. "This mission aligns with our dedication to driving efficient processes and empowering client success."

Read the full press release here.

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