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5 Best Software Picks for Your Coworking Space

In the era of increasing remote and hybrid work options, coworking spaces bridge the gap between the challenges of working from home and the routine of traditional in-office environments. Coworking spaces give freelancers, traveling professionals, and remote workers access to the tools and surroundings that help them work at their best. Globally there are more […]
6 min read
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7 Best Gym Softwares for Running Your Fitness Center

If you want to grow your fitness company, you need to have a budget; in order to budget, you need to know what you’re spending.
15 min read
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Group Purchasing Organizations: What They Are & Why They Aren't Enough

Many small businesses pay retail rates for office supplies and materials simply because they don’t have the large-scale buying power or sufficient negotiating skills to cement better rates. But as businesses grow, the expense of retail pricing puts increased pressure on working capital. Businesses must look for ways to optimize cash flow and get ahead […]
8 min read
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How Spend Efficiency Is the Next Evolution of Spend Management

In the face of current economic challenges, merely managing expected spend is no longer enough. Teams are being asked to do more with less through tightening budgets, restructuring departments, and losing headcount to downsizing. To keep organizations on track through this instability, finance teams must continuously commit to increasing spend efficiency by getting the most […]
6 min read
Net Terms: A Guide To Business Resilience Against Recession
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The Quick Guide to Using Net Terms to Support Business Growth

Flexibility is key to enabling business and building partnerships, and establishing payment terms is one of the greatest sources of flexibility for businesses. The option to schedule payments and manage cash flow directly impacts a company’s revenue creation and profitability. This is why many buyers seek flexible payment terms when selecting vendors. In response to […]
6 min read
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Applying Agile Procurement Principles for Increased Efficiency

Successful procurement is about keeping pace with an ever-increasing cadence of purchases. Decisions must be made faster and with more confidence if companies expect to move with the market and respond to its shifting conditions. One practice that enables this speed is agile procurement.  Agile procurement eliminates many documentation-heavy, slow selection processes that drag down […]
5 min read