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In this post, Holly Solberg, Sales Manager at Tess Oral Health, provides an overview of the company and her 11-year journey within it. Holly delves into the intricate challenges businesses encounter while procuring personalized oral health products and sheds light on Tess Oral Health's distinctive approach, characterized by superior products and tailored customization. The conversation further explores the evolution of their product range and emphasizes the strategic partnership with, showcasing how it optimizes the procurement and payment processes for mutual clients.

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What is Tess Oral Health, its mission and the range of products that you offer?

Test Oral Health is a toothbrush manufacturer located in Wisconsin. We specialize in custom personalization and logo imprinting, so we help dental offices with the toothbrushes and other oral care products that they need in the office for their patients or for use at marketing and outreach events that they're involved in.

How did you become involved with Tess Oral Health? What inspired you to join the company? 

I joke that I got into dental by accident because I was looking for a sales job. But I've been at Tess Oral Health for 11 years now because I really believe in the product. This is a great product to work with and I love being able to help dental offices showcase their logos and promote their offices.

11 years, that's amazing. How have you seen your product line develop over that time period? 

It's expanded quite a bit in my time here. We've added multiple toothbrushes since I've started. We've expanded our kit offerings. We have a full line of orthodontic kits in a variety of different components that can be included in those oral care kits. 

We've also launched full color imprinting, so if an office has a wonderful, bright, colorful logo —  that can be printed on their toothbrushes, on the front of their oral kits, and on many of our other hygiene products as well.

What are some of the challenges that businesses encounter when they're purchasing personalized oral health products, and how does Tess Oral Health provide a better experience? 

Offices are always looking for a quality product at a cost effective price. In that sense, we have so many options for them. Typically, some challenges that they deal with in terms of personalization might be the quality of the imprinting. We can print logos in wonderful quality; that's one way that we can help offices, since full color personalization is not available everywhere. 

We also offer more customization options in terms of colors. They can choose one or more colors of their choice or a full assortment if they wish. In terms of being able to build their own oral care kit, we can make any option that they want. 

The second challenge that offices really deal with is turnaround time. Our products are produced within two business days, so once they've signed off on their order, within two days, we have it out the door. That's much faster than a lot of other companies.

You would be surprised how often an office calls and says, “Whoops, we just ran out of supplies. How quickly can we get an order?” Or, someone says, “We have the opportunity last minute to be involved with something this weekend. Can we get an order by Friday?” 

How did you first hear about How did the partnership begin?

We had a customer that we've worked with for a number of years who reached out to us because they were going to start working with you. They wanted to put our products template in their catalog so that they had it available to order directly from

What did the process of adding your products to look like, and how has your experience been receiving POs and payments from 

Our customer needed to decide what they wanted to have available in the catalog. We have so many products, so really it was up to our customer to make decisions on what they wanted to be ordering going forward.

Once we had that list determined and they planned out their different imprint, we created a spreadsheet and provided all the product specifications to so that it could be entered into their portal for them.

One interesting piece of partnering with is that we're able to pay you up front while we're also able to offer our mutual customers terms to pay us back in a little bit of time. How has this payment arrangement positively impacted your business and what advantages does it provide in terms of cash flow? 

Certainly on-time payment is appreciated, but the real benefit comes from our customer — on their end, they deal with a lot of different locations and offices. Being able to have what they need to order right then and there, and have the orders come over quickly and concisely. They can just submit what they need and we get the purchase order right away. 

Are there any exciting plans for growth coming up for Tess Oral Health?

Test Oral Health is a growing company and we always have plans to expand our product line. So while I can't say too much, we do have a number of new hygiene products that will be arriving over the next few months.

Where can people find out about these updates? 

Visit to learn more.

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