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Automating AP and enhancing Workday Procurement across 18 countries

How WeWork utilizes AP Automation and ERP integrations to automate thousands of purchases and invoices each month with Order.co.

High Level Health

Unlocking net terms, reliable vendors, and seamless purchasing in the cannabis space

How High Level Health is pioneering the use of P2P software within the cannabis industry and saving $4,400 each month with Order.co.


Forming a partnership through faster ordering, easier accounting, and dedicated service

How SoulCycle found a partner for fast-paced growth and streamlined operations with Order.co.

Physical Rehabilitation Network

Streamlined purchasing for a 141-location physical rehabilitation network

How PRN cut hours off purchasing and simplified their AP process with one monthly invoice with Order.co.


Saving 9.6% on products and simplifying delivery into airports

How XpresSpa sourced $68,000 in product savings and improved its approval process and budgeting with Order.co.

Elliott Physical Therapy

Improving company-wide communication and paying hundreds of invoices with one click

How Elliott Physical Therapy streamlined their payments and improved team efficiency with Order.co.

CorePower Yoga

Centralizing purchasing to eliminate an average of $50k in monthly rogue spend

How CorePower Yoga eliminated all unapproved spending and reduced its AP burden with Order.co.

Clinton Management

Consolidating payments, improving vendor relationships, and saving money

How Clinton Management simplifies their payments and saves $1,200 a month with Order.co.


Expanding from 25 to 50 locations in one year

How [solidcore] built a purchasing system for sustainable growth and gained full spend visibility with Order.co.

Integrated Wellness Partners

Automating hundreds of monthly invoices across 52 vendors

IWP achieved full spend visibility, budget control, and a seamless AP process with Order.co.

NY Kids Club & NY Preschool

Saving on average 25 hours a week in labor costs and gaining efficiency in ordering

How NY Kids Club & NY Preschool effectively reduced labor costs while expanding their purchasing processes with Order.

The Yard

Introducing a seamless purchasing process to a popular co-working company

How The Yard gained complete control over its spend and expedited its purchasing with Order.co.

Heyday Wellness

Scaling to multiple locations with streamlined purchasing across 33 vendors

How Heyday Wellness created one centralized and controlled location for all its purchasing needs with Order.co.


Reducing invoices by over 50x

How ZeroCater retired its spreadsheets and found a scalable purchasing and payment solution with Order.co.


Bringing order and efficiency to purchasing chaos

How BLANKSPACES enabled super-simple location expansion and tapped into a powerful vendor network with Order.co.

Cozen O’Connor

Bringing 100% spend visibility to a $470 million law firm

How Cozen O’Connor found an unparalleled partner for strategic sourcing and accessed granular financial data with Order.co.


Adding a layer of convenience and control to ordering

How MINISO gained control over its budgets and created a hassle-free purchasing process with Order.co.

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