Expanding from 25 to 50 locations in one year

How [solidcore] built a purchasing system for sustainable growth and gained full spend visibility with Order.co.


[solidcore] is a health, wellness & fitness company offering a more personalized and “intensified” approach to pilates. Incredible popularity and massive effectiveness of the classes has spurred rapid growth since inception, with [solidcore] doubling its location count in the previous year alone to 50 locations.


Heath, Wellness & Fitness


50 Locations

“Without Order.co and consolidated ordering, we wouldn’t have been able to open the number of studios we have today." - Artemis



Artemis Benedetti and Charly Williams, Regional Managers, are responsible for overseeing studios and studio managers, driving performance from coaching through facility management and purchasing, in addition to many miscellaneous management tasks to ensure operations are set up correctly and continue smoothly in all locations.



“We had multiple platforms and multiple vendors, and there was no easy way for us to track spend at the studio or aggregate level.”

MESSY PURCHASINGDisorganization with managing vendor logins and passwords
BURDEN ON THE FINANCE TEAMRecording every receipt manually was a poor use of time
LACK OF SPEND VISIBILITYInability to break down spend data on a granular level

Artemis Benedetti, Regional Manager, recalls that for operations, “It was a mess. We had multiple user accounts on Amazon and also used Wayfair and many third party vendors for wipes, cubbies, sweatbags, etc. We were logging into accounts one at a time, shared logins, and had issues with passwords.”

For AP, the burden fell on an individual in finance to record each receipt, but no purchasing system meant the data wasn’t accessible to management. “We had multiple platforms and multiple vendors, and there was no easy way for us to track spend at the studio or aggregate level,” summarizes Charly Williams, also Regional Manager at [solidcore].



“So easy I can’t even tell you exactly how long it took.”

To get a handle on their purchasing process and to gain proper financial insights, [solidcore] partnered with Order.co in January 2018.

[solidcore] locations and managers were onboarded in days, in a process that was “super easy – so easy I can’t even tell you exactly how long it took,” says Charly. Studios were set to order from an approved list of products across all of [solidcore]’s vendors, which “made it really easy to make sure we had brand consistency.”

Charly could distribute purchasing across employees and set an actual process within the organization, which was formerly impossible due to the complexity and decentralization.


Vendors automated


Purchasing hours saved


Line-level spend visibility




To Charly, Order.co’s benefits with recurring orders and processes is best summarized in two areas:

“Having everything in one place – from setting up the accounts, people, and cost centers to placing our orders with our vendors. It has made our processes simpler and given us the ability to see all our spend at the product, location, and aggregate level.”

“Cost savings – in the past we didn’t know if we were looking at the most economical product, but now we know we are saving money on all our purchases wherever possible, and it adds up quickly.”


Order.co automated purchasing across all the vendors used for new location openings. Artemis says, “For opening new studios, we had as many as eight to ten different vendors that are now one place. It used to take about 2 days and a lot of email correspondence back and forth when things could get missed. Now it is less than a 4 hour process and I can trust everything will arrive correctly.”

Order.co’s dedicated support also regularly assisted: “When I place a large new studio opening order, [my dedicated representative] always reaches out to confirm the first and last day packages should arrive, which is huge for our construction teams to know when we need to be on the ground unboxing it all.”

New location spend data became immediately accessible, said Artemis. “Now we can see exactly the amount spent for each studio, and at the line level if we need to," and summarizes, “Without Order.co and consolidated ordering we wouldn’t have been able to open the number of studios we have today.”

Words of Advice from Charly

“We needed ways to standardize and consistently implement processes. With Order, this is now part of our SOPs, and it can live somewhere and be enforced.”

Simplify today so you can anticipate tomorrow.