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Invoice Tracking Template

Missing a payment — or duplicating one — can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. Without a way to manage an organization’s increasing flow of invoices, mistakes like these lead to unnecessary fees and wasted time while taking a bite out of company revenue. On the other hand, a strong invoice management system opens the […]
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How B2B BNPL Helps Businesses Optimize Working Capital

Optimizing cash flow is a top priority for businesses, and it’s especially important during times of economic uncertainty. To meet this need, suppliers and lenders continually look for new and creative solutions. This might explain the rising popularity of business-to-business buy now, pay later (B2B BNPL) purchasing platforms — but BNPL offers benefits beyond easy […]
8 min read
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The Best Options for Cannabis Financing

A purchase order template creates a repeatable, reliable process for processing and tracking your company orders. Take advantage of our easy PO template here.
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How to Get a Business Line of Credit & Pitfalls to Avoid

Businesses don’t run on elbow grease alone — they depend on cash flow to fund improvements, secure inventory, pay workers, and create new opportunities. Fortunately, there have never been more options for small business owners seeking financing.  One of the more popular options is a business line of credit (LOC). It combines flexibility with affordable […]
12 min read
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Trade Finance: What It Is, Benefits & How To Use It

Businesses of all sizes use trade financing to provide supply chain security and risk mitigation. With trade financing solutions, businesses ensure they have the capital to cover the cost of goods and services when dealing with international suppliers.  This network of supplier and buyer support is especially important in light of current supply chain disruptions […]
7 min read
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General Ledger (GL) Codes: What They Are & How to Efficiently Assign Them

Maintaining accurate accounting records means more than checking every box on your list at month-end close. Without accuracy in your underlying recording, you’ll never know if the financial reports you compile are accurate. Since a modern accounting department may be responsible for recording thousands of monthly transactions, how do they ensure their records accurately reflect […]
6 min read