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From Our Founders: The Future of Negotiatus is in Order

We started Negotiatus in 2016 with the mission to simplify buying things for businesses.   Buying for a business seemed unnecessarily complex, which was not only leading to suboptimal business outcomes for the businesses we talked to (wasted time and money) but chaos for those doing the actual purchasing work – mainly finance, operations, and procurement […]
4 min read
Blog Announcements

Introducing Our New CRO: Corey Beale

We are pleased to welcome Corey Beale as Order's new Chief Revenue Officer, effective immediately. In 2016, we started Order with the vision—that a centralized procurement process would not only save companies and vendors time and money in the ordering process, but that we become a strategic partner for growth for companies looking to streamline […]
3 min read
Blog Announcements

Introducing Smart Checkout: Stock Visibility

Our first feature being launched as part of the suite of Smart Checkout is Stock Visibility. Users can now see product stock availability directly in their catalog and in their cart!
2 min read