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Procurify vs. Which Is Best for the Mid-Market?

Scalable procurement is an important priority for small and mid-market businesses handling an increasing flow of purchases and vendor agreements. Software enables data centralization and automation that helps these businesses run smoothly, regardless of size.  The market has more software options than ever for managing procurement, and Procurify is a prominent brand within the space. […]
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The Complete Guide to Indirect Procurement Categories

Indirect procurement spending has a sneaky way of sapping cash from even the most well-run businesses. That’s understandable since indirect spending isn’t tied to a specific client, product, or project, so it’s harder for procurement professionals to track. However, correctly managing indirect spend has significant benefits for all organizations — they just need the right […]
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How Net Terms as a Service Help Vendors and Buyers Thrive

Managing buy and sell cycles is getting trickier as the economy continues to battle downward pressure. Interest rate hikes and the rising cost of finance make it more difficult for vendors to offer flexible terms. Formerly relaxed credit terms have tightened considerably, and buyers are feeling the effects of less repayment flexibility.  As conditions tighten, […]
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The 5 Procurement Management Skills to Focus on in 2024

Procurement management is a study in balance. Professionals and teams tasked with getting supplies in the door must navigate a complex set of priorities, including cost, availability, resilience, and total value.  To effectively perform in procurement, you must have the soft and hard skills necessary for achieving results in circumstances that can be complicated. But […]
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What Is Healthcare Procurement Strategy and Why Is It Important?

When buying medical supplies and equipment, many healthcare providers rely on standard means of consolidated buying. Methods like group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and volume buying agreements may save a little money, but they often leave total value considerations and sourcing flexibility on the table. Software solutions in healthcare procurement make it easier for buyers to […]
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10 Healthcare Procurement Solutions for Challenges Facing Teams in 2023

For decades, healthcare providers like clinics and hospitals have struggled with ineffective and expensive procurement barriers that can drive up patient costs and affect healthcare outcomes. Healthcare procurement faces specific challenges that, until recently, have been almost universally answered by group purchasing organizations (GPOs).  These purchasing programs offer some benefits in cost savings, contract management, […]
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