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3 Reasons Your Company Needs 3-Way Matching Automation

What is 3-way matching? Essentially, 3-way matching is a process in accounting in which a company verifies that a purchase order (PO), supplier invoice, and goods receipt all reflect the same products and pricing. If the numbers are consistent throughout each document, wah-lah! You’ve got yourself a 3-way match! With the green light of a […]
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Using Accounts Payable Days to Stabilize Cash Flow

The ability to manage cash can be the difference between life and death for a company.
8 min read
Invoice Reconciliation Is Broken and Here's How To Fix It.
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Invoice Reconciliation Is Broken and Here's How to Fix It

If invoice reconciliation still slows down your business, your process is broken. You’re not alone. One report found that 58% of companies in North America did not have efficient invoice reconciliation processes in place. As a result, these companies had to manually enter invoice data, a time-consuming and painstaking process.
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