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How Poor Invoice Management Stunts Growth And How To Fix It

Imagine walking into the office on a Monday morning, and your desk is buried in invoices. You spend the next week manually uploading each one. You barely have time for a coffee break because the piles never actually go away. You keep at it because that’s your job, and that’s how your company manages invoices. […]
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B2C AP Accounting: Exposing Problems & Delivering Solutions

B2C business success brings its own headaches. Here is the simple reason why — B2C businesses succeed by selling current and new products and services to existing customers, and then,  they sell to those customers more often. B2C businesses will also acquire new customers, and then repeat the whole process over again.Having more customer orders […]
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Why Forward-Looking Companies Need Intelligent Procurement

Procurement seems pretty straightforward: A company needs something, and the procurement department figures out where and how to buy it. The difference between surviving and thriving as a company, however, is in how strategic and intelligent your procurement process is. Intelligent procurement, or the strategic process by which companies manage their vendor-related spend, is key […]
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Notes Payable vs. Accounts Payable: The Difference Cuts Cost

Accounts payable (AP) and notes payable (NP) are often used interchangeably, but in reality, they operate differently and serve distinct purposes within your financial strategy.  To properly manage either payable category, granular spend visibility is essential. Without it, the benefit of strategic financing can be diminished or even become a vector for financial risk. We […]
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Why Your Procure-to-Pay Solution Is Failing (& How to Fix The Problem)
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Why Your Procure-to-Pay Solution Is Failing (& How to Fix the Problem)

Are you paying six figures for your procurement solution system and still using emails and spreadsheets to conduct purchases? You’re not alone. Many businesses invest in a procure-to-pay solution, only to be disappointed when procurement inefficiencies like high spend and time delays remain unresolved. Failure to automate and streamline purchase and supply chain systems affects […]
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