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What are Accounts Payable Accruals? And how to manage them
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What Are Accounts Payable Accruals? And How to Manage Them

As one of the biggest sources of liabilities on the balance sheet, accounts payable accruals can spur your company’s growth—or hobble it. Accurately tracking and maintaining your accounts payable balance prevents cash underruns, unwanted fees, and friction in your procurement process, all of which destroy progress.  Finance's accounting method may also impact the accuracy and […]
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How Accounts Payable Trial Balance Improves Your AP Process

Business success demands effective decision-making, on-time reporting, and accurate data entry. Still, sometimes errors enter the system—and poor invoice processing is a primary reason. Users may not discover inaccuracies caused by an incorrectly processed invoice until they prepare the accounts payable (AP) trial balance. This leads to late reporting and delayed decisions. If no one […]
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B2C AP Accounting: Exposing Problems & Delivering Solutions

B2C business success brings its own headaches. Here is the simple reason why — B2C businesses succeed by selling current and new products and services to existing customers, and then,  they sell to those customers more often. B2C businesses will also acquire new customers, and then repeat the whole process over again.Having more customer orders […]
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